The process and how I work with clients...

step 1: learning

A FREE 15 minute consult is the first step. This is the beginning of the learning phase.  Click here to request a consult.  


During the consult, we will talk about what is happening with your child, your goals, what have you tried, I will answer questions that you may have about the sleep coaching process and then I will recommend a sleep package based on what I gather from you.


At this point I will also tell you what my availability is to work with you.  Please note: I work with only 2 families a week to give them the attention they need and deserve.  I do take reservations if the week you inquire about is full.

step 2: discovery

After you purchase a sleep package, you will get a reservation date with me.  In the meantime, I will send you an assessment form, along with details on next steps.  This gives you a chance for you to tell me all about your baby and your parenting style.  The form shouldn't take longer than 10 - 20 minutes to complete, and it will help me in personalizing your sleep plan because EVERY BABY IS DIFFERENT, and no matter what the books say there is not a one-size-fits-all approach.   You will email this form back, and then I will begin your plan and tell you when to expect to see it in your inbox.  Then we go to the informational and planning phase.

step 3: informational and planning

After I deliver your personal plan, we will either communicate over phone and plan our cal. We will go through a detailed step-by-step action plan on our call. I will also explain the "why" to everything we are doing, most likely the why will relate back to my previous experiences and evidence-based research directly related to infant/toddler sleep. We will set goals for each week, and schedule a weekly check-in call to discuss what we have achieved and what to focus on next.  

step 4: results

I’ll help you through the implementation process and adjust accordingly until you get the best results. My sleep packages include follow-up support via email, and scheduled phone "quick calls" along with daily check-ins. My business hours 9am - 5pm (PT) Mon thru Frid, and 10am - 2pm on Saturday (closed Sundays). 

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