Exclusive offer for members of Mama 24/7

It takes a village to raise children, and that's why we have turned to joining Mama 24/7.  I am a member too, and a sleep consultant that wants to help mamas out as much as possible.  This is why I created this special offer just for Mama 24/7.  Below are three of my services that I am discounting just for you.  If you need help in deciding which one is right for you then please email me at pediatricsleepcoach@gmail.com and I will point you in the right direction.  Be sure to tell me you are a Mama 24/7 member.


(normally $189)

The SIMPLE sleep package is perfect for parents who just need a little direction and some solid answers from a sleep expert. This is the perfect for those that need help in one area of sleep such as schedule adjustment. 


This package includes:


  • A comprehensive assessment

  • Ideal room environment guide

  • 1x - 60 minute consult

  • Recap email with educational handouts (as needed)

  • 3 days of email support

  • NOTE: This package does not include a written plan!

Certified Baby Sleep Consultant Desiree Baird | Seattle | Simple Sleep Package


SPECIAL PRICING: $99.99 (normally $150)

A membership to this online club is a MUST HAVE for ALL parents, especially during that first year of life when healthy sleep habits should begin. 


The Sleep Elite Club is hosted via Facebook and is led by myself and Kasey Gregory (my colleague at Discover and Dream).  We help parents resolve any sleep problems they may have including, but not limited to:​

  • How to improve naps and overnight sleep

  • Sleep regressions

  • Sleep props

  • and MUCH MORE!

Your membership includes: 

  • 24 x 7 access to our exclusive Facebook group. Post questions, and received detailed answers to help solve your child's sleep troubles.

  • Access to our comprehensive online sleep resource library. 

  • Monthly Facebook Live videos on specific sleep topics 

  • Sensory activity ideas to help foster a healthy learning environment for your child

Pediatric Sleep Coach Desiree Baird | Seattle | The Sleep Elite Club

Premier Sleep Package: $449 (normally $549)

The PREMIER sleep package is ideal for babies (or toddlers) that have several areas of sleep to improve on.  We take things step-by-step and focus on weekly goals to build on our achievements each week to get SOLID results.  


This package includes:

  • Comprehensive assessment 

  • Ideal room environment guide

  • Customized written sleep plan 

  • 3 coaching calls (60 min kick off, 30-min mid-package, and 30 min closing call)

  • Three weeks of daily support with unlimited emails*

  • Educational handouts (as needed)

  • Lifetime access to Sleep Elite Group (post sleep training support)

  • Improved sleep for EVERYONE!

Certified Sleep Consultant and Pediatric Sleep Coach Desiree Baird | Seattle | Premier Sleep Package

*daily unlimited email support during business hours.