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When I was first pregnant with twins in 2008 I didn’t realize that sleep would play such a crucial role in my life. Of course I knew that babies needed sleep, but I assumed they would just sleep when they needed to. Needless to say the first few months of motherhood were exhausting and not what I expected. Sleep seemed like a distant memory. I often dreamt of checking in at a local hotel to stay the night and catch up on rest.

After being severely sleep deprived I realized I needed to take charge by sleep incorporating healthy sleep habits and teaching the twins to sleep independently. I purchased many books and took a hybrid approach to sleep training. And what do you know, the twins began sleeping through the night at 5 months old (4 months adjusted), then shortly after naps began to fall into place.

Fast forward 8 years, and I was pregnant with my third baby.  I knew this time around that I was going to start good habits from the beginning.  I was even proactive and hired a sleep consultant, and reread books.  Then it dawned on me – I knew what I was doing!  I already had a great foundation and I began to share my baby sleep knowledge with others.


I then became slightly obsessed with infant/toddler sleep, the science behind it and how to troubleshoot sleep related problems.  I then enrolled and completed my sleep consultant training and certification.  I realized quickly -- this is my passion, and I love to help others. 


So here I am.  Ready to help you and assist in implementing healthy sleep habits for your baby / child(ren) for years to come. 

credentials and education

  • Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Sleep Baby Sleep Consultant Training Program

  • Certified Newborn Sleep (0 - 3 months), Sleep Baby Sleep 

  • Member of Association of Professional Sleep Consultants

  • Member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants

  • Member International Institute for Complementary Therapists 

  • BA, Communications, Slippery Rock University

  • MA, Communications/Journalism, Point Park University

  • Most important! Hands on experience being a Mom of three

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