Being a new parent is hard, there is so much to learn and then throw sleep deprivation in the mix.  YIKES!  Let me help educate you on newborn sleep, how to create healthy habits so baby and parents are all happy.  I will work with you to get your life back on track so you enjoy parenthood and feel confident and less worried about how to get the sleep you all need. Book this package and you will receive:

  • A comprehensive assessment 

  • Private 60 minute video / phone consultation

  • Newborn sleep guide and educational handouts

  • Customized written sleep plan tailored just for your family to meet your and your baby sleep needs

  • 60 days of daily support with unlimited emails (during business hours)

  • Two 30-minute check-in calls to address any issues or area of concerns

  • One 30-minute "closing call" to answer any last questions related to travel, illness, toddler bed transition, etc.

  • 3 months FREE membership to my exclusive sleep support Facebook group "The Sleep Elite Club" (POST SUPPORT)

  • VALUE ADD: Age appropriate resource guide which includes common bumps in the road such as daylight savings, nap transitions, etc

  • Improved sleep for EVERYONE!

Newborn Sleep Package $649

(Ideal for babies 4 months and younger)

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