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Sleep essentials

Creating a safe and sleep-inducing environment is critical to ensure optimal sleep with your baby, toddler or older child.  With the right tools, you can help promote better sleep. Increasing naps lengths or helping a baby to sleep all night isn't easy, but completely possible with these sleep MUST haves I have outlined below.

Love To Dream

If you follow me on social media, or have attended one of my presentations, you already know that I am big fan of the Love To Dream™ Products.  The Swaddle UP™Original and Swaddle UP™50/50 saved my life with my last baby because he did not like his arms confined to his side like a traditional swaddle.  In fact, did you know that a baby naturally sleeps with their arms up?  

This swaddle not only promotes a more natural way for baby to sleep, but they will also have access to their hands to learn to self- soothe. 

The fabric is soft and luxurious.  This product makes the swaddle transition easy peasy and the zipper in the front makes middle of the night diaper changes a cinch.  Honestly, there's nothing not to LOVE about the Love To Dream™ product line.

I recently had the pleasure to try the Stage 3 Love To Dream Sleep Suit™.  Another product that I would recommend to every mother out there that has a busy toddler.

What are you waiting for, click on a link below to learn more about one of these products by Love To Dream™?

Swaddle UP™Original

Love To Dream Swaddle UP™50/50

Love To Dream Sleep Suit™

•	Baby & Toddler Sleep Consultant Desiree Baird | Seattle | Love to Dream
Certified Sleep Consultant Desiree Baird | Seattle | White Noise Machine - DOHM

White noise machine

When babies are born, they are used to sounds as loud as a lawnmower (in terms of decibels) so no wonder why a room that is too quiet is deafening to a newborn.  Additionally, for older children (and babies alike - even adults) white noise can help relax you when you are transitioning from one sleep cycle to the next.  I recommend the DOHM white noise machine. It's simple to use, and portable.  It is on the pricier side, but who can put a pricetag on sleep.  

Purchase the DOHM White Noise Machine by clicking here.

You can even check out this DOHM machine that cost a little bit less because it is a single speed machine.  I'm sure it works just as good.  Purchase by clicking here.

Pink himalayan salt night light

or amber night light

A nightlight can be super cute in a baby or toddler's room, but why have one if you do not need one.  Your baby doesn't have the fear of the dark, and if you need a little light invest in a "warm light." 


Blue lights prohibit melatonin production (the hormone responsible for making us sleepy), and this is the last thing that you want to prohibit from producing. 


If you absolutely need to have a light to nurse in the middle of the night or to do a diaper change I suggest purchasing this one.  Or this one is nice too.  I have this one in my son's nursery and the light tone is adjustable.  EXTRA BONUS:  Pink Himalayan salt is known to purify the air and help withe allergies.

•	Pediatric Sleep Expert Desiree Baird | Seattle | Pink Himalayan Salt Night Light or Amber Night Light
•	Certified Sleep Consultant & Pediatric Sleep Expert Desiree Baird | Seattle | Blackout Blinds/Curtains

blackout blinds / curtains

Most children sleep the best in complete darkness. Even the smallest bit of daylight can affect how well they nap.  Why take a chance, just block out the light.  


I recommend Blackout EZ blinds for your child or baby’s room as they are cost-effective, block out 100% of light, and keep the room cool.


You don’t need any hardware to install them as they easily come on and off. You can also use your cute nursery curtains or panels over them.   Buy here!

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