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Carole R. (twin mama)

"When I found Desiree I was at rock bottom - I hadn't slept for more than 2 hours in a row for over 4 months and I just didn't know what to do anymore. I am a mum of 1 year old twins (boy/girl) and it felt like at least one of them was always awake and it was getting worse. 

It was important to me that Desiree is also a mum of twins and hence can relate to the whole twin situation much better.

Once we started the training, it didn't take long for my kids to get used to their regular naps and bedtime and they now sleep between 11-12 hours each night + great naps during the day. They are changed kids - happy and so full of energy and I am a changed person."

Desiree Baird, Baby Sleep Trainer, Seattle-Based Sleep Coach, Pediatric Sleep Coach, Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Sleep Consultant, Baby Sleep, Twin Sleep Specialist, Sleep Specialist, New York, California, Sacramento, San Francisco, Portland

Jennifer B.

Central Texas

"Working with Desiree was the best decision I have made in quite some time. When I initially reached out to her, our daughter was 8 months old and the only way I could get her to sleep was by either nursing her, co-sleeping or both! Even then she was not sleeping well and neither was I.


After many unsuccessful attempts to get our little one to sleep on her own, I reached out to Desiree. She was extremely professional, very knowledgable and patient. Within less than a week our baby was sleeping through the night in her own room and crib.


By the end of our three weeks working together, the baby was on a consistent nap and bedtime schedule and I knew more about sleep than I ever thought possible. My only regret - wishing I had hired Desiree months ago!"

Elsie F.

Larchmont, NY

"Hiring Desiree as our sleep coach was the best investment we made for our child and ourselves. We needed help transitioning our baby to her crib, out of a swaddle and with sleeping through the night. Thanks to Desiree, we were successful with our goals and we also know so much more about sleep! We also live in NY and the time zone difference was not an issue whatsoever! I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone."

Ashley M.

Southern California

"Desiree is a miracle worker.  We hired her to help us with the dreaded early morning wakings with our twins.  She came up with the perfect sleep/wake schedule and gave us so many useful tips and tricks (she's a twin mom herself) to help solve the problem. We are so happy with the results.  The twins are sleeping better than ever and so are we.  I recommend Desiree to anyone who is having sleep issues with their little one no matter how big or small."

Jessica T.

Thornwood, NY

"I highly recommend Desiree if you are struggling to get your child to sleep at night or during the day. Prior to working with Desiree, my son would inconsistently take naps and would wake up about every 45 minutes throughout the night if he wasn’t be held. As a result, my husband and we’re exhausted and resorted to co-sleeping just to try and get some sleep.


We started working with Desiree when my son was 5 months old. Within a week my son started sleeping through the night for 12 hours straight and started taking consistent naps. Desiree was so helpful throughout the process and was readily available whenever we needed support or had any questions. I would not work with anyone else but Desiree!"

Erin C.

Falls Church, VA

'I found Desiree by complete chance but I am SO glad I did! By that point, I hadn't slept for 4.5 months and my baby was co sleeping and nursing to sleep. Things I said I would never do... Desiree coached me into how to stop nursing associations and gave wonderful advice over the course of our 3 weeks together. I didn't realize how little sleep my baby was getting. She is a completely different baby now- happy and smiley and takes naps on her own in her own crib!! Desiree gave me the tools I needed and the confidence I was lacking in order to sleep better. Our family is so grateful for her services and I would recommend her to any mom/dad who want better sleep for their baby!"

Shawna A.

Everett, WA

"Working with Desiree was instrumental in our youngest son's healthy sleep habits. We went from waking nearly every 3 hours to a blissful 12 hours per night stretch AND a 1-2 hour daily nap! Who knew our kiddo was such a great sleeper. My only disappointment was in waiting 18 months to seek help. That's right; we suffered for a year and a half waking up constantly and using poor sleep props to manage the situation on our own. Our time with Desiree felt like finding gold under your house: it was there the whole time and we just needed the right tools to unearth. I wholeheartedly believe in this process and can say this service changed our lives. We've learned so much and have even able to apply some of our newly acquired knowledge towards our older 3 year old and are making progress there too! Thank you so much for all your help, support and understanding. It was a pleasant experience and Desiree was so open, friendly and respectful throughout!"

Aubrey A. (twin mom)

Seattle, WA

"My husband and I were referred to Desiree by a friend. We were really struggling to get sleep at night with our twin boys. We had created a few sleep props which were preventing our boys from being able to self sooth. Not only did Desiree help us completely eliminate the props but she also worked with us to fine tune a sleep schedule that worked for their individual needs. After 3 days the props were gone and by 2 weeks they were sleeping through the night (one night time feed). With her help we are also working now on weaning them off that night time feed. 

"I cannot say enough good things about Desiree and how much she helped our family. I highly recommend her!!"

Chelsea T.

San Francisco, CA

"We are so happy with the results of our work with Desiree! Before we started working with her, we were desperately trying to get our son to sleep any way that we could, which led to some poor sleep habits perpetuating a cycle of little sleep for all of us. Desiree gave us the confidence, resources, and wisdom to implement a more structured sleep routine for our 6 month old baby. Now, 3-4 weeks later, we all sleep much better with just one feeding a night. Desiree is very professional, timely, and proactive. Thanks, Desiree, for all of your support."

Laura E.

Bothell, WA

"Desiree has changed my life! I am a mom of three so I know my way around babies. But, my baby would not sleep through the night! We started working with Desiree when she was just over 9 months old, and waking up 4-5 times a night. We tried all the sleep training methods out there and could not get a handle on this kid.


Within 2 1/2 weeks, Desiree had her down to 1 wake up a night. She will now wake up once to eat, and goes right back to sleep with no problem. Some nights she sleeps 12 hours straight! I cannot recommend Desiree enough, not only is she incredibly knowledgeable about helping babies sleep, she is a mom who is realistic about balancing multiple kids schedules and getting baby to sleep even with a crazy busy life! Also, she is super kind, understanding and easy to talk to! We are so thankful we found her!!!!"

Sheila S. (twin mom)

Seattle, WA

"I LOVE DESIREE. I have identical twin girls, who was co-sleeping with me since 2 months old, and by 4 months I was so sleep deprived, I was barely functional and my mental health was barely existent. I was recommended to her by another twin mom, and I can't tell people enough how glad I am to hire Desiree to help me navigate baby sleep. My babies now sleep in their own room and I can sleep more comfortably in my own bed. Everyone in my twin mom support group knows I heavily rely on Desiree for all my sleep knowledge, and while she is extremely knowledgable in baby sleep, one of her superpowers is actually helping mothers find some peace of mind during rough nap transitions and rough nights. She is extremely kind, relatable, and I also love that sometimes talking to her is like talking to your big sister when you need tips/advice. Desiree also responds within a very reasonable timeframe. She always impresses me with how quickly she responds. When I feel very anxious, it's like she KNOWS and responds all that much more quickly! Hire Desiree, you will be so happy that you did!"

Ashley A.

Seattle WA

"Desiree might as well be an angel in disguise, if you ask me...she basically rescued me from complete despair when my son was on the wrong schedule for his age and needs. It was hard work, especially for me emotionally, since I was struggling with PTSD and PPD...but the solution was so simple once I got the hang of it! I was successful only because of Desiree’s patience, constant encouragement, understanding, and giant heart. I wish I had known about her from day one to avoid all the hardship later on, but grateful to have found her when I did.


My son is thriving and our nap and bedtime routines are the easiest most peaceful process now. The biggest gift Desiree gave me was confidence and peace of mind as a Mama. I now know I am giving my son the ever-so-important sleep that he needs...which to me is priceless."

Linda L.

Kennesaw, Georgia

"The thing I liked most about working with Desiree was the fact that she was very responsive to anything and everything! She was upfront with the various methods for sleep training and let my husband and me pick the method that worked best for our family. Desiree checked in multiple times a day to see how things were going and offer advice along the way. Another great thing that you get with Desiree is all of the valuable training tools she provides for future events (i.e. daylight savings). I highly recommend using Desiree!"

Valerie M.

Virginia Beach, VA

"My perfect baby went from sleeping through the night at 10 weeks, to hitting the four month regression and waking every 2 - 3 hours.  She took 30 minute naps, and I was exhausted and didn't know what I was doing wrong.  After trying everything that I read in books I decided to reach out to Desiree in desperation.  We worked with Desiree for 3 weeks and she gave us so much sleep education and walked coached us as to what we needed to change to correct my daughter's sleeping habits.  My 6 month old is now taking three solid naps and sleeping 11 - 12 hours a night.  My husband and I feel that the best investment we made is in our baby's sleep because now we get to spend time together, and get sleep too."

Kim M. (twin mom)

Seattle, WA

"Thank you Desiree for helping me get my 6 month twin boys sleep in order! She helped us figure out a routine that worked for us, get their night sleep in order and their nap routine too! After going back to work and too many nights of too many wake ups, that first 12 hour night sleep was incredible! She helped me understand how to trouble shoot and manage changes as the boys grew, and how to do it for two babies at the same time :-) Thanks again!"

Irene P.

Succasunna, NJ

"After 5 months of awful sleep, bad habits and a tired family, I reached out to Desiree. It was the best decision I ever made! Our son now falls asleep independently and is such a happier baby! He went from 40 minute naps, to us having to wake him up from his naps!


My husband and I can actually get some down time at night now. Desiree was so accommodating and thoroughly answered my questions throughout the whole process. So thankful for her!"

Rachael K. (twin mom)

Elkhorn, NE

"Desiree was an absolute God sent for myself and family! Within a week she helped guide me and my 6 month old twins from only a few 20 minute naps a day, and up every two hours at night - to sleeping from 7pm-7am and 3 hour 1 long naps a day!  I am not a 1st time mom, but I am a 1st time twin mom and nothing in my book of tricks worked until I reached out to Desiree! So thankful for her help and would recommend her to any and everyone I know! Just do it mama’s, your entire family deserves the sleep!"

Madeline P.

Lake Stevens, WA

"Working with Desiree was a life changing experience! We had a big move coming up (buying and selling at the same time) and we knew something had to change with our sleeping “arrangement”! We are first time parents and our son was about 7 months old when we started working with Desiree. We went from co-sleeping at night while comfort nursing every couple of hours or so, and holding our son in the glider in his darkened room for naps to him sleeping through the night and napping on his own, in just under three weeks! 

We had been on the fence whether we wanted/needed to go the sleep coach route and we are SO glad we did. Desiree gave us the push we needed to make it happen. This gave us our much needed time back to prepare for the move, and gave our son the independence we felt he was ready for and needed (although he may have disagreed at the time �). 

Along with a comprehensive weekly plan and options for different types of training methods, Desiree provided the support, reassurance, empowerment, and advice we needed throughout our 1:1 time together. There were a couple of bumps along the way (mom overslept a couple of times, still getting used to not being woken up every couple of hours and getting actual restorative sleep), and that was OK! Just jump back on the horse and get on track the next day, no judgement! 

In addition to our 1:1 time together, we’re also a part of the Sleep Elite Club, which has been a great resource for us! As we know, babies are changing so quickly and routines don’t stay the same forever! Our son went through the 3 to 2 nap transition just after our three week 1:1 time was up. It was so nice to be able to get the quick support we needed through Sleep Elite to put together a plan for how to handle the transition. 

We know that establishing a routine for our son is one of the most important things we could have done for him. But we didn’t realize how much it would effect us too, as parents. Thanks to Desiree, we are no longer drained to the point of exhaustion and feel we have the energy to keep up with our growing son !

Choosing to with with Desiree was one of the best steps we’ve taken yet"

Okasana L.

Issaquah, WA

"We reached out to Desiree after a 4 month sleep regression that was never ending, as our son would not stay asleep and had lots of difficulty falling asleep without help. Needles to say we were sleep deprived and exhausted; this is our first baby and didn't know what we were doing wrong, only that we had to do something.

Desiree was really helpful, easy to talk to, knowledgeable and made us feel confident about the process, which is never easy. I was very doubtful in the beginning but Desiree was there for us during the entire process and was always responsive.

Now our baby can finish sleep cycles and his naps and nighttime sleep are much better and doesn't need our help to fall asleep anymore.  If you're also going through sleep troubles, don't suffer in silence and reach out to Desiree!"

Meghan H. (twin mom)

Lynnwood, WA

"I’m a twin mom who was desperate to get our 4.5 month old twin boys on the same schedule and to sleep through the night. To say we were sleep deprived those first 4.5 months would be a drastic understatement. With Desiree’s help we transitioned our boys out of swaddles, took away their pacifiers (they were pacifier dependent!) and got them consistently sleeping through the night in days! Within the first week of training we started seeing improvements with their early wakings and within two weeks they began transitioning from cat nappers into consistently good nappers. She educated us on sleep and coached us through the challenging days and evenings. We walked away from our two weeks with Desiree having a consistent schedule that both our boys are on, sleep prop free, decreased early wakings, resources on next steps and twins who consistently sleep through the night. She even helped us prepare for our upcoming transition to full time daycare. When people ask how life is with 6.5 month old twins, and how they’re sleeping, they’re always absolutely shocked to hear that not only are they on the same schedule but they are literally consistently sleeping through the night. We were and are so thankful for Desiree. We were so frustrated and desperately needed and wanted help and Desiree came through. Not only was she a twin mom herself but she was understanding, educated, friendly, caring, reliable and would be there for support in the moment as things came up. If you’re struggling with your babies sleep of any sort, we highly recommend Desiree. You won’t be disappointed. Within the first few days of communicating with her, before the sleep training even started, we already felt like it was well worth the investment."

Courtney M.

Edmonds, WA

"Desiree is exactly what we needed. She was so present and available, and understood where I was coming from and what we wanted for our 15 month old son. We were truly supported and it felt like teamwork. By the end of our time together we met all the sleep goals we set out to accomplish! I can’t say enough good things about Desiree and her approach."

Rachel F.

Bothell, WA

"Desiree was a dream to work with. Nap time and bedtime were becoming so unenjoyable for me with my 2.5 year old. I would dread the end of the day with her and putting her to bed. It was months of this and at the point of taking 2 hours to which I would cave and put her in bed with me because I just couldn’t bring her back to her bed one more time (after getting out of bed 27 times). I have a baby as well so having zero me time at the end of the day was taking its toll and making me extremely emotional. I didn’t want to hate bedtime.


After tracking her sleep for a few days Desiree put together 3 options for us to try for sleep training. I opted for the one that gave my daughter options and rewards. It was hard the first couple of nights but she caught on quick. We are 4 weeks in and I love bed times again. It no longer takes her anywhere near 2 hours to put her to bed. She wakes up excited for her reward each morning. Not to mention I’m like a new woman again having just that little bit of downtime we need as moms. Thank you Desiree."

Matraca A.

Fresno, CA

"Hands down the best decision I have made for my family! We have ALL benefited from Desiree's help. My little guy (9 months) went from waking up every two hours at night, to sleeping soundly for 12 hours. TWELVE HOURS!!! My husband and I are elated! It, in all seriousness, took two nights for him to sleep through. The first night he only woke up once and went back to sleep without nursing. HOLY COW! 

Desiree is awesome to work with and really cares for your sanity and your sweet babe. She was quick to reply when I had a question or needed advice. If you're thinking about sleep training, don't think, call Desiree!"

Ashley A.

Everett, WA

"Desiree has been so great to work with. My husband and I were really hesitant to “sleep train” our son because we don’t believe in CIO. Desiree listened to our concerns and put together a really gentle plan to help our then 11-month-old learn how to fall asleep on his own (we were nursing to sleep). Now we have a good routine and don’t have to fight him at nap time or bedtime. Our days are happier and everyone is more well-rested. Thank you, Desiree!"

Keley O.

Lynnwood, Wa

"I told Desiree that I wanted to be one of her success stories. I am proud to say that we achieved that! My 5 month old is an independent sleeper in his own room for all naps and bedtime. We’re happy to say we have deflated the yoga ball... no more bouncing/rocking to sleep! We saw results after night 1 and now 3 weeks in our kid falls asleep basically as soon as we turn off the lights. She put together the plan and we stuck to it and it worked!! Highly recommend!"

Sarah V.

Oakley, CA

"I went 21 months of NEVER sleeping longer than 3 hours at a stretch. My toddler had deepened on me too long and I couldn't keep up. When I called Desiree I was lost, I had no idea what to do. I had tried and failed to sleep train on my own and honestly felt like a failure.


Desiree set up a plan that was easy to follow and was much need moral support through the whole process. She encourage me and made me feel like I was doing the right thing and that I could be successful at sleep training my daughter. The results were amazing and I saw my daughter sleeping through the night in less than a week!!!!


She was also napping in her crib too! It has only been about 2 weeks since my journey began with sleep training, but I feel like a new woman! I'm sleeping all night long, I'm able to do chores when she naps, it's Amazing! I would recommend anyone wanting to get their toddler (or baby, I wish I had done this sooner) to Desiree!"

Rosa L.

Kirkland, WA

"Working with Desiree was a great adventure! Before listing what we have achieved while she coached us, I want to acknowledge that Desiree is a very kind Coach and she always showed us her most human side; she understood us very well and guided us without judgement. She always listens what you have to say and responds extensively to your questions. I had a crisis in the middle of the training and she comforted me, gave me words of hope and we worked together to make the system work. Also she was always cheering us up and showing us her best attitude!

Before working with Desiree my little one was addicted to fall asleep nursing, which became really tiring for me, nothing would comfort him but my breast, it was a hard situation also for my husband since he could do nothing every time baby woke up. He used to wake up 2 or 3 times ever night. Nowadays he sleeps thru the nigh most days (11-12 hours) and naps between 2 and 3 hours every day. He now knows his crib is the place he sleeps and he's able to sooth himself when he wakes up in the middle of the night. Our life had changed after the Coaching, now we feel rested when we wake up in the morning.

Working with Desiree was a complete joy and I would recommend her to anybody wanting to sleep better and have their babies sleeping better as well."

Nicole A.

Lake Forest, IL

"Desiree saved us! My son is 2.5 years old and after transitioning to a big boy bed he began waking at 4:30am. Pregnant with my second I panicked and needed to resolve this issue ASAP! What she said was so valuable and worked nearly right away! He's been sleeping til 6am for 5 days straight! Worth every penny!"

Luke S.

South Carolina

"Desiree was amazing and did everything she could to help us with our almost 19 month old. Constant contact with us was phenomenal. She helped us with questions on the fly as well as help us hone in on our some optimal sleep time. She’s definitely worth the fee if not more.


She also dealt with the time changes she is located on the West Coast and we are on the East Coast. It wasn’t an issue at all. There were no canned responses when we asked her specific questions. Please use her as she is an asset to any parent!!!"

Erin J.

Mill Creek, WA

"As much as I love my ten month baby, I also love sleep, functioning above zombie level, and not putting my car keys in the refrigerator due to over exhaustion. In absolute desperation I consulted Facebook asking my community if they knew of anyone who did sleep training professionally. Desiree reached out to me and help to guide me through the sleep training experience of my second child. She even helped honing in the sleeping skills for my three-year-old! She was extremely encouraging and checked in via email every morning to see how the naps and the night before had gone. If we were struggling with something she would offer advice and tricks of the trade that we needed to try. It worked! She goes down for bed and naps like a champ and I can actually schedule my life. My three-year-old is sleeping through the night in her own bed and I am catching up on some much needed rest.

Something that really impressed me was she offered many different methods to help my child learn to sleep on her own. She allowed us to choose what we were comfortable with and was very supportive with the choices that we made. There was no shaming just positive encouragement. I would recommend her to anyone!"

Kayla R. (mom of three, inlcluding twins)

Spokane, WA

"Desiree has been wonderful to work with! Our twins were sleeping in their own cribs for 12 hours starting the first night with Desiree's help. My husband and I are finally getting much needed sleep. It was really nice to have the support through sleep training, especially from someone who has personal experience with twins! We are very appreciative of all of her help and would highly recommend her services!"

Chris A.

Portland, OR

"I have so much ENERGY again that I feel like I could fist fight a mountain lion! I forgot how much better life is when you get a full night sleep and my wife stops wanting to strangle me.  Desiree is the BEST! She laid out a detailed plan, made a slight adjustment along the way, and BOOM...a first class ticket to sleepsville. I can't recommend her enough."​

Hayden B.

Helena, MT

"It was wonderful to work with Desiree. She is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about pediatric sleep and helping us to achieve a better sleep schedule for our 5 month old. As a first time mom, it was great to learn from Desiree to better understand our daughter's sleep needs. Desiree's plans are incredibly detailed and helped me to feel well equipped to help our infant to achieve better sleep. Prior to working with Desiree it was taking us an hour or more to help our daughter to fall asleep but she is now going to sleep more easily and is learning to self soothe. After first speaking with Desiree we saw results the first evening we implemented some of her techniques; which was a huge relief for our family and led to better sleep for everyone."

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