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hi there...I'm Desiree

I'm Desiree, mother of three (including a set of twins), and I have DEFINITELY walked in your sleep deprived shoes. After having twins, I found myself anxious, confused and overwhelmed. Short naps, multiple night wakings, and fussy babies seem to be my new normal as a mom. I had no clue what to do, but I knew I had to do I decided to OWN it. I studied pediatric sleep, and I am now a certified sleep consultant helping families all over the world to achieve one common goal -- TO IMPROVE SLEEP!


My Sleep Training Approach

When working with clients I take a slower approach to alleviate stress and anxiety for both baby and parents. To get from A to Zzzzz will look different for each family depending on their current sleep troubles.

While working together we will make changes, and build upon that success over time to achieve sleep success. I do my best to minimize tears throughout the process. Slow and steady for the win!

Client Testimonial

Hear from Rachel, a former client, about her experience when she worked with me.
In just two weeks
, her twins began sleeping through the night, taking 3 restorative naps and much more!


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