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hi there...I'm Desiree

I'm Desiree, mother of three (including a set of twins), and I have DEFINITELY walked in your sleep deprived shoes. After having twins, I found myself anxious, confused and overwhelmed about how to get them and ME more sleep.  I had no clue what to do, but I knew I had to do I decided to OWN it. I studied infant sleep science, and created a gentle and organized plan for my family which WORKED. Now I am a certified sleep consultant helping families all over the world to achieve one common goal -- TO GET MORE AND BETTER SLEEP.


Join the hundreds of families that I have helped, from Egypt to Seattle, who are now sleeping through the night.  So let's do this, let's get everyone sleeping better!

Are you tired, frustrated and feel like you spend half of your day trying to get your little one to sleep? If you said yes, then I am confident if you work with me we will resolve it.






Common pediatric sleep problems I help parents resolve:

  • Needing to rock, hold, bottle/nurse your baby to sleep

  • Baby waking up too many times at night

  • Bedtime/Naps have turned into your least favorite part of the day

  • Naps are consistently short 

  • You find yourself reinserting your baby's pacifier multiple times

  • You feel like you spend your day trying to get your baby to sleep

  • Your toddler is waking up several times a night, and very early in the morning

  • Your baby will only sleep on you, or in a swing/bouncer

  • Your toddler will not go to sleep at night without your presence

  • You are exhausted and just need help now!

Why hire a sleep coach?

Client Testimonial

Learn first-hand from Rachel, a former client and mother twins, about her personal experience while working with me. Within two weeks, her twins began sleeping through the night (independently), taking 3 restorative naps and much more!


Better sleep starts here!

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