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Better Sleep Starts Here!

Are you exhausted and ready to improve your baby/toddler's sleep?  

 Then you are in the right place. I can make better sleep a reality.

Don't believe me? Read through my sleep success stories.  This can be you! 

hi there...I'm Desiree

I'm Desiree, mother of three (including a set of twins), and I have walked in your sleep deprived shoes. After having twins, I found myself overwhelmed and anxious. Short naps, multiple night wakings, and fussy babies seem to be the new normal. Not to mention feeling depleted myself.


I had no clue what to do, but I knew I had to do something. So I studied pediatric sleep and now I'm helping others. For six years I have been helping families all over the world to achieve one common goal -- BETTER SLEEP!


My Sleep Training Approach

To get from A to more Z's will look different for each family depending on their current situation and sleep goals. I take a slow approach to alleviate stress and anxiety for both baby and parents. First step: rule out medical conditions, then put sleep foundations in place prior to sleep training.

We will make small changes each week, and build upon that success over time. I want to see how your baby responds to a change and go at their pace - baby steps for the win!

Client Testimonial

Hear from Rachel, a former client, about her experience when she worked with me.
In just two weeks
, her twins began sleeping through the night, taking 3 restorative naps and much more!